Chakra Necklace – Tranquility and Roses
Chakra Necklace

Chakra Necklace

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Add this beautiful chakra necklace to your collection. Added gems that hang to make this the perfect add on to your daily wear of jewelry, adding a touch of balance and comfort. 

Chakras are the bodies main energy centers. The term chakra comes from Sanskrit meaning "circle of movement" and translated as "vortex of spinning energy" or "wheel" ✨ Chakras are seats of consciousness which we use to express ourselves. In most cases, we consciously or unconsciously limited expression to a couple of these centers. Usually our belief systems we adopt prevent the charkas from opening or developing as they should. This bracelet has carefully selected stones to help balance, align and clear your chakras so your body & mind can function the way it was intended to!  I also infuse each bracelet with Reiki before shipping out for an extra touch of love xo

Crown- I understand   (amethyst)

Third Eye- I see      (sodalite)

Throat- I talk       (lapis lazuli)

Heart- I love        (green aventurine)

Solar Plexus- I do    (tigers eye)

Sacral- I feel      (carnelian) 

Root- I am       (red jasper)  


 1 size fits most